Skan C Vet

Skan C VET_Brochure 2020.jpg
Skan-C VET Brochure
  • 2.2kW (110VAC) / 3.5kW (220VAC-240VAC), 80-250kHz dual processor mono-block
  • generator with proprietary radiation shielding technology
  • High Frequency Inverter with switching range 80 - 250kHz
  • Low Leakage Radiation
  • Image capture with 1k x 1k resolution for exceptional image quality
  • Laser Aimer & Virtual Collimation for exposure-less alignment of Region of Interest
  • DICOM 3 support & storage of over 100,000 images as standard
  • kVp range: 40-110,mA range: 0.2-12
  • Pulse Fluoroscopy mode upto 12mA
  • Fluoro upto 8mA, Burst fluoro up to 30 frames
  • Repeated Mask selection & Peak Opacification features
  • Auto Roadmap marking
  • Better subtracted image quality