Digital Detectors

This is a good the time to upgrade your digital imaging system to positively impact your bottom line with the ability to do more exams, faster, with superior images to share with your patients.

**Note this is not a complete catalog of our product line.

PaxScan 4336W v4 Flat Panel Detector
PaxScan Wireless 14x17 DR Cesium and Gadolinium detectors boast hospital-grade imaging quality at highly competitive pricing, making it the ideal choice for DR upgrades or digital x-ray systems.
Digiray FireCR Dental Reader
The full-featured FireCR Dental Reader from DIGIRAY rapidly and aff affordable delivers high-quality dental images for busy veterinary practices and veterinary dental clinics.
FireCR Spark Medical Readers
Introducing the FireCR Spark Medical Readers from DIGIRAY with new features inside and out to meet a full range of imaging needs.
ScanX Quantum
ScanX Quantum Dental and Full Body Imaging
Imaging With No Limitations, one Machine Accommodates Dental and Full Body Imaging
ScanX Duo CR Scanner
ScanX Duo Dental Digital Imaging System
The Most Complete Dental CR Available
Careray 17x17 Tethered Detector
CareRay 17x17 Tethered Detector
Durable, High-Quality CsI Detector for Wall Bucky and Table
CareRay 1417 Wireless Detector
CareRay 14x17 Wireless Detector
Durable, High-Quality CsI Detector for Wall Bucky and Table
CareRay 14x17 Tethered Detector
CareRay 14x17 Tethered Detector
The 14 x 17 ExamvueDRC tethered cassette-sized detector easily fits into standard bucky tray cabinets for upgrading a film or CR system to a flat panel DR system.
Careray 10x12 Wireless Detector
Careray 10x12 Wireless Detector
Dual-band wireless acquisition and transfer of a full resolution image in ~4 seconds
FireCR CR Plus Scanner
FireCR CR Plus Scanner
The FireCR is an extremely compact and lightweight CR reader designed to fit into any size clinic
Carestream Vita Flex CR
Carestream Vita Flex CR
The Vita Flex CR is the flexible, convenient solution for clinics looking to go digital for the first time or expand their existing digital solutions for emergency or mobile x-rays without the expense of a wireless panel.
ExamvueCR PRO
Examvue CR PRO Scanner
The Examvue CR PRO scanners offer a combination of high image quality,affordability, speed and the ability to increase workflow in small to high volume practices. The CR is tailored to a Veterinary only Dental Cassette.