ScanX Quantum Dental and Full Body Imaging

ScanX Quantum
Scan Quantum Brochure
  • High-resolution images in seconds for critical decisions on-the-spot
  • Wire-free for tight access applications
  • Lightweight, extruded aluminum frame is exceptionally strong
  • Sturdy isolating / damping feet. Eliminate potential image quality issues due to external vibration
  • Patented, built-in eraser with manual or auto erase function.
  • Uses all brands of phosphor storage plates for dental and full body imaging with a black background
  • Dental and Full Body digital x-ray in one unit Interchangeable plate guides allow scanning of 8"x10", 10"x12", 14"x17", and dental size phoshor plates (0-4) quickly and efficiently
  • Size 6 and 4 plates allow for shooting films in the OR on extremities

The ScanX Quantum™ Computed Radiography System with In-Line Erase, is the premier imaging product from ALLPRO Imaging. Each ALLPRO Imaging system has been designed and manufactured in the U.S.A with state-of-the-art technology to produce the lightest, most portable, rugged and dependable digital imaging system available.

Designed and built exclusively for the demanding conditions encountered in portable radiography applications, the ScanX Quantum is extremely easy to deploy producing excellent quality digital images in seconds. The ScanX Quantum uniquely scans full body and all dental images seamlessly with one device. This efficiency coupled with repeatable consistent image quality provides results that allows the user to make critical decisions on the spot eliminating the need to return for retakes.

To complement your ScanX Quantum, you need imaging software to acquire, store, view and share images. TigerView, a Televere Systems product, will significantly improve your work flow for better patient management and diagnosis with superior image quality. Quickly and easily access all digital image files and share them with colleagues and patients. Window leveling and viewer enhancement tools allow for complete control of image display.