**Note this is not a complete catalog of our product line.

Agfa MD40T
AGFA MD40T General Cassette for use in CR30X
A user-friendly and durable CR cassette for use in CR 30X digitizer.
AGFA MD40R General Cassette for use in DXM and DXG
Cassettes and imaging plates are available in combination or separately.
AGFA MD4.0 Brochure
AGFA MD4 General Cassette for use in CR25 CR35 CR75 CR85
The CR MD4.0 General Cassettes are user-friendly and durable CR (computed radiography) cassettes with a photostimulable phosphor imaging plate and a memory chip for storing the data entered at the ID terminal
AGFA MD1 for use in CR 10X and CR 15X Cassette Imaging Plate set
User-friendly and affordable for a broad range of applications.
AGFA Imaging Plates
AGFA Imaging Plates
You can easily and efficiently enlarge or reduce images, retain and process diagnostic images
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