Veterinary Xray

We offer high-quality digital x-ray imaging systems designed for vets with a wide selection of x-ray system to meet your needs.

**Note this is not a complete catalog of our product line.

TXR Basic Vet
Vet Ray Basic Vet TS
The Basic Vet provides you with the best user interface – the Single Touch TS 15” console complete with patient log.
Vet Ray Digital Vet DX V
The Vivix 17 x 17 Detector provides the largest coverage area. Ideal for imaging large breeds with no need to stop and rotate, simply position and expose.
Del Medical - Universal Veterinary
Del Medical Universal Veterinary
Comprehensive veterinary imaging solutions designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Skan C VET_Brochure 2020_thumb.jpg
Skan C Vet
High Frequency Veterinary Mobile Surgical C-Arm
MIREYE Xray System
Fully integrated Veterinary X-ray System with APR
The Smart C Cordless Mini C Arm X Ray
The world’s only hyper-portable, battery-powered, and completely cordless mini c-arm.
TXR Premium Brochure
Vet Ray Premium Vet TS veterinary specific xray
The premium choice in veterinary specific x-ray. All the features of the Standard Vet plus Horizontal Beam and Off Table Imaging
Televere SkanVet Alta X Ray Table
Digital Veterinary X-Ray Table Solution
DynaVue Fluoroscopy and Digital XRay in One System
Total imaging solution for veterinary interventional radiological evaluation
DirectVet 110V DR System
DirectVet 110V DR System
This all-in-one digital x-ray system is ready to go within an hour, and does not require any costly cabling, assembly, or special power requirements
Standard Vet TS
Vet Ray SIS32 Standard Vet TS
When you need the best Analog X-ray system
Raymax Advanced Veterinary X ray System
Raymax Advanced Veterinary X ray System
Unique “free standing” design with variable horizontal and vertical tube travel