DirectVet 110V DR System

DirectVet 110V DR System
DirectVet 110V DR System Brouchure

The new JPI DirectVet 110-volt Veterinary Digital X-ray combines our robust ExamVue Software, easy-to-install Vet-view Veterinary Table and high quality, cost-effective digital detector for a complete system that can be set up in one hour. The DirectVet system gives you quality digital x-rays, allowing your practice to hit the ground running at an attractive cost without special preparations, power supply, or construction.

Digital X-Ray Detector

High-precision, low-error diagnosis. The IONA detector with DQE over 40%, and 16 bits dynamics range generates outstanding quality images that help users to reveal the slightest details for a subject.

Increased Productivity

The detector is read to shoot within 5 seconds of setup. Consecutive images are available in less than 4 seconds, allowing practitioners to increase productivity while also boosting client satisfaction.

DirectVet is powered by ExamVue DR acquisition software. Some highlights include:

  • Optimized UI design or touchscreen
  • Imaging and Annotation Tools (Window level, Zoom, Pan, Crop, Invert, Rotation, Angle, Label, Text)
  • User Features (Image stitching, Image import/export, Image comparison, Multi-view, Image expansion, Full screen, Auto cropping, Reject/Accept)
  • Smart Window Level
  • DICOM 3.0 Compatibility
  • Post image processing for each body part
Generator Detector Table
110-v Power Supply CsI Scintillator Synchronized Detector and Tube Stand
120kv/40mAs Max 126x126um Pixel Pitch Elegant Clear Table Top
27 Memory Keys 5 Year Warrranty 330lb Weight Capacity
1.2mm Focal spot 14"x17" (35x43cm) 38″ SID
0.0-4.0 Second Exposure Time 110-V Power Supply 32" (81cm), H x 54" ( 137cm) W x 24" (61cm)D