Vet Ray SIS32 Standard Vet TS

Standard Vet TS
S1SV32 TS Standard VET Brochure

The Standard Vet Fixed SID is the ideal system for use with a fixed DR detector.

  • 15 inch Touch Screen Console with
    • Anatomical Program Radiography (APR)
    • Heads up mounting
    • Patient Log files, eliminates hand paper logs
  • 32kW/400mA Compat HF Generator
  • Hands Free Collimator light control
  • Variable SID for table top and cassette tray imaging
  • Rotating Tube Head and collimator
  • X-ray tube Rotor Brake
  • 4 Way Float Top Table - 5ft Standard
  • Moveable Grid Cabinet
  • 08/30/240 VAC Single Phase

Standard Vet System Dimensions

Standard X-ray tube:

  • .0/20 Focal Spots
  • 16 degree Target Angle
  • 140,000 HU

Standard Grid cabinet:

  • 8:1103 line pair Grid
  • Stainless Steal cassette tray