The Smart C Cordless Mini C Arm X Ray

Smart C Brochure

While compact in size, there are no technological compromises. The Smart-C combines a novel pulsed X-ray source (10 frames/second) with best-in-class CMOS detector (99 μm pixel pitch) to help physicians diagnose and surgically treat patients’ extremities in many environments.

This hyper-portable, wireless mini c-arm offers unmatched ergonomic and use-case benefits. Smart-C allows surgeons to use the mini C-arm in the OR and clinic, without the limitations of traditional mini c-arms.

In The Clinic

In the clinic, the physician can meet, image, and treat the patient without leaving the room, enhancing the doctor-patient relationship and creating opportunities for clinical efficiency.

Procedures previously performed in the OR are now viable in the clinic. This Smart-C can be used for pre- and post-surgical imaging in the exam and patient room. This flexibility reduces the need for redundant equipment while providing faster and more cost-effective care.

In The Operating Room

In the OR, the Smart-C maximizes your operating space and provides unmatched ergonomic benefits, as the surgeon can place the Smart-C, foot switch and monitor in any location that meets their preference.

Hand, foot, and ankle surgery workflow is improved by placing the Smart-C directly on the surgical table, then placing the anatomy directly on the thin imaging detector for the duration of the surgery. This decreases surgery time by removing the need to reposition equipment or anatomy for required imaging.