**Note this is not a complete catalog of our product line.

T2 RP Developers
T2 RP Developer is a premium high activity developer formulated for all general and specialized radiographic films
T2 Mammography Developers
We offer individual film brand specific formulations that deliver the highest image quality in both standard and extended processing cycle applications.
T2 RP Fixer
T2 Fixer is a premium quality rapid fixer which provides superior clearing and drying with all x-ray films.
Manual Processing Developer
Cinefluorographic/manual hand tank chemicals are designed to provide optimal diagnostic images with all cine and manually processed x-ray films.
Ready to Use Developer
Premixed MED DENT X-Ray Film Developer is designed for the low volume user to deliver high performance with all brands of medical and dental x-ray films.
Ready to Use Fixer
premixed MED DENT X-Ray Film Fixer, designed for the low volume user, delivers high performance with all brands of medical and dental x-ray films.
Developer Cleaner
SR3 Developer Systems Cleaner provides safe, effective cleaning of developer racks, tanks and recirculation systems
T2 Fixer System Cleaner
Fast acting formula cleans rack, recirculation system, overflow weir and drain.
T2 Developer Starter
Eliminates the need to run start up films to season fresh developer.
S199 Chemical Mixer
The IS-199 Chemical Mixer is the ultimate automatic x-ray chemical mixer.
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