Ready to Use Fixer


Premixed MED DENT X-Ray Film Fixer, designed for the low volume user, delivers high performance with all brands of medical and dental x-ray films. A top performer in self contained and closed loop systems. The fixer is color coded to help eliminate possible cross contamination. No odor formulation provides extended activity solution yields longer active life. A special adapter is available which allows direct insertion into the Agfa CP1000 processor, thus eliminating the need to transfer solution into the processor supply tank.


MED DENT solutions have been specifically designed to yield the highest viewbox quality with all brands of Medical and Dental X-Ray films, while providing pre-mixed user convenience.

  • Flexible and Universal: MED DENT solutions deliver outstanding diagnostic quality and are ideal for mixed film environments. A multi purpose performer with all brands of medical and dental imaging films. Complete compatibility with all processing cycles. A top performer in self-contained closed loop systems.
  • Quality You Can Count On: Extended chemical stability coupled with consistent batch-to-batch quality eliminates image fluctuations, which may require exposure or processing modifications.
  • Non-hazardous Formulation: The solutions are categorized as noncorrosive and non-hazardous, thus safer and easier to use. The OSHA PEL limit for these products is “nonapplicable” which means there is no known exposure risk.
  • Diagnostic Versatility: Optimized image contrast, coupled with a highly desired blue image tone, results in excellent visualization of subject detail.
  • Reduced Odor: An acetic acid free developer formulation provides reduced odor. The reduced odor environment is further enhanced with the use of MED DENT Fixer.
  • Color-coding System: A unique color-coding system helps eliminate possible cross contamination. If minimal cross contamination occurs when using the red developer and blue fixer, the contaminated product will become clear, thus alerting the technician that contamination has occurred.
  • Fixcent – No Odor Fixer Formulation: A specially formulated deodorizer eliminates chemical odor and provides a fresh floral fragrance.
  • High Capacity: Extended activity formulation yields longer active life. Now more films can be developed with fewer complete solution changes.
  • Low Oxidation: Clean working design typically lasts twice as long as traditional solutions. Resists environmental oxidation and will not turn black in processing tanks.