Podiatrist X-ray Machines and Digital Imaging Equipment

**Note this is not a complete catalog of our product line.

Tiger DRX-C-Podiatry-Thumb.jpg
Tiger DRX C Podiatry
Most Advanced Cesium Flat Panel DR and X-Cel X-Ray Solution
Podiatric 15HF Radiographic Xray
Podiatric 15HF Radiographic Xray
The 15HF is the right solution for podiatrist who are expecting a convenient and efficient way of radiographic examinations at an affordable price.
Podiatric Digital Radiographic
Podiatric Digital Radiographic DR
Podiatric DR unit can be integrated with your existing X-Ray equipment and compatible with existing patient software.
JPI Podiatry Foot Xray
JPI Podiatry Foot Xray
The Advance Step is a dedicated podiatry X-ray system which provides superior imaging performance for podiatry radiology
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