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Raytech Diagnostics is a full service supplier of Veterinary Radiology Products and veterinary x-ray equipment, digital imaging, PACS, and high frequency x-ray systems plus supplies and accessories offering a complete service to maintain your radiographicfluoroscopic xray machines, film processors and other department imaging equipment.

**Note this is not a complete catalog of our product line.

DynaVue flouroscopy Xray System
DynaVue Fluoroscopy and Digital XRay in One System
total imaging solution for veterinary interventional radiological evaluation
superVista camera two tone
Veterinary SuperVista Intraoral Camera
The perfect companion for the EVA Vet Digital Dental Sensor!
image vet interoral dental x ray
Image Vet DC Intraoral Veterinary Dental X Ray System
The Image-Vet DC x-ray generator features superior image quality and is seamlessly compatible with the EVA Vet Digital Dental Imaging System
EVA vet
EVA Vet Veterinary Dental Digital Sensors
Featuring DICOM Options Good Dental Health Means Better Animal Health
x-mind unity dental x-ray
X Mind Unity Veterinary Dental X ray
X Mind Unity Veterinary Dental X ray with SOPIX Digital Sensor Inside!
Raymax Veterinarian Digital Radiography DR X Ray
Raymax Veterinary Digital Radiography DR X Ray
The Raymax Veterinarian System features digital radiography (DR), a high frequency generator, and a 4 way float table.
Raymax Advanced Veterinary X ray System
Raymax Advanced Veterinary X ray System
Unique “free standing” design with variable horizontal and vertical tube travel
ScanX Duo CR Scanner
ScanX Duo
The Most Complete Dental CR Available
ScanX Quantum
ScanX Quantum
Imaging With No Limitations, one Machine Accommodates Dental and Full Body Imaging
Blue Ultrasound Portable Robust Veterinary Ultrasound
Blue from JPI is a portable, robust ultrasound which was engineered for use with companion animals and equine applications
4Vet Slim Veterinary Ultrasound
4Vet Slim from JPI is a lightweight portable ultrasound unit designed for use with companion animals and equine applications.
iScan 2 Veterinary Ultrasound
iScan2 is a lightweight and robust veterinary ultrasound designed for high volume, rough use ultrasound imaging. With a large display and long lasting battery