DCXS000W Dental X Ray



Advanced dual microprocessor system+ High Frequency DC system
- Low dosage
- Sharp and crisp Image quality X-Ray
- Perfect clinical and patient experience

Flexible Exposure System
- Triggers from distance with no-shift image position
- Long scissors arms
- Accommodates two patients in adjacent chair

30 Pre-programmed techniques
- Enhancing doctor's experience and flexibility
- Exclusive LCD display
- Streamline settings for individual preparation and every receptor


•    Single unit with Multi features:
-    0.4-0.5 mm focal point
-    Ease of movement and flexible
-    Avalibility of three arm sizes
-    Options: ln-operatory or Remote timer
-    Fully digital-programmable operation
-    Fast exposure system
-    Instant swithcing between small and largeanimals or film and digital sensor setting