Toshiba Flat Panel Detector DIRA

toshiba flat panel detector

Product Package Includes

  • TFT Flat Panel X-Ray detectors
  • Visualization software
  • DIRA DFP4343 Detectors and Software for General Radiology and Veterinary use is a total X-ray visualization solution for OEM customers.

Reasons to choose DIRA

  • 17” x 17” flat panel detector can be installed into any X-ray system. Due to its excellent diagnostic image quality and low radiation dose it allows the system to achieve high overall performance.
  • Powerful DIRA Software can be customized for OEM specific requirements to meet the needs of the end-user.
  • A variety of options and accessories (PACS compatibility, mechanical adaptors, bucky/vertical stand) makes digital upgrade of existing conventional systems easy and inexpensive.
  • Consistent support and trainings provided by DIRA service group 24/7 all over the Globe throughout the products life-time allows our OEM customers to significantly improve their end-user’s satisfaction.

Product Features and Benefits

Large active area of 17” x 17” makes the detector universal for any GR examinations. A single unit is capable of providing images for the complete set of examinations: bones and soft tissues both for males and females as well as for children and adults;

High resolution up to 4.6 lp/mm and contrast images allows doctors to see even the smallest fractures of bones leading to a more precise diagnostic;

Complimentary DIRA Software has medical and veterinary versions with multi-language support and includes both image acquisition and processing software and doctor’s software;

DIRA is a self-sufficient bundle ensuring a plug-and-play solution for X-ray visualization, you don’t need to look for additional components from other providers to obtain perfect X-ray images;

Easy integration and minimal maintenance requirements results in a very low total cost of ownership;

DIRA can be supplied with bucky and/or vertical stand making it possible to be installed in any system; thus providing an ideal solution for digital upgrade.

DIRA DFP4343 Comes Along with DIRA DXRS Software
  • medical and veterinary versions available
  • all-in-one software package (processing, doctor’s mode, workflow management, storage and printing, APR)
  • integration with the equipment from major manufacturers
  • full DICOM compatibility
  • RIS, HIS and PACS system incorporation
  • individual customization
  • multi-language localization