Televere Tiger DR Cesium for Equine

TigerDR CW Equine Brochure

*The Plate Encasement is engineered w/High Density Plastic providing excellent shear factor along with all radiuses/contoured edges. If it is accidentally dropped (average waist height) the combination of material selection and advanced engineering helps distribute the shear (impact).

The Plate is anti-scratch anodized aluminum enclosure with carbon fiber cover plate and anti-shock rubber edging. Reliable performance with water-proof (IP64) exterior casing for outdoor/field operation.

Tiger DR for Equine Benefits Include:

• Maximum Waist-High Drop Protection*
• Automatic Exposure Detection “AED”
• Automatic Image Calibration for Precise Measurements
• Foot Plate and Equine Blocks available
• Rugged 17” Laptop w/TigerView DICOM Software (Windows 10 Compatible)