TXR URS T LP Plus C arm

Advantage Plus URS Family Brochure

Unique C-arm design

Allows lateral table positioning while dleivering precise alignment between the tube and image receptor in straight or angles positions. All radiographic studies can be accomplished with a variable SID of 40" up to 72" (100 to 180 cm). Arm rotation, SID and vertical travel are motor driven.

Features of URS-T LP Plus

  • Standard touch screen control console allows APR or manual technique selection in operator control booth prior to positioning of patient. On selection of APR, or manual techniques, the integrated generator at URS structure will display selected APR techniques.
  • Standard integrated generator display allows;
    • view selection
    • automatic positioning of structure for selected view or
    • independent positioning of structure via use of touch pad independent drives dual speed selection
    • fine tune previously selected technique factors and
    • review patient positioning for selected views. As a safety measure, once the view is selected for automatic positioning, the system will require the operator to confirm the automatic movement of the structure by holding the button (dead man switch) until the desired position is reached. When supplied with a DR panel, the patient can be selected from the work list which will indicate desired view and ready the structure to the required position
  • Optional remote infrared control to position URS structure to desired position.
  • Standard touch pad control at the receptor