TXR Film CR CH1 17In x 17in Upright Imaging

TXR Film CR CH1 17In x 17in Upright Imaging
ValuePlus Upright Variable and Fixed

Budget Friendly, No Compromise in Quality

TXR offers one of the most affordable upright systems that incorporates safety, reliability, value, quality and ease of use. At TXR we recognize that your time is valuable. The TXR CH1 system includes features that will increase paient thru-put and minimize the time needed for exam.

Floor Wall Mount Tube Stand

  • Platform tube mount, 90º tube rotation
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Angle indicator
  • 72" Floor Track


  • Certifed manual collimator
  • 25 Second timer
  • Laser light
  • Retractable tape measure
  • Swivel mount

Wall Stand

  • Floor wall mounted
  • Magnetic locks
  • 17" x 17" Grid Cabinet
  • 103 line, 10:1 ratio grid
  • Cassette tray


  • 320, 400 or 500 mA High frequency


  • Super speed bucky
  • Various grids
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Head clamp
  • Side mounted grid cabinet or bucky
  • Fixed SID, see back page