TXR DigitalEase CH 1D2 17in x 17in Digital Upright

ValuePlus DigitalEase Upright
ValuePlus DigitalEase Upright Brochure

The TXR tradition of designing and manufacturing radiographic equipment with safety, reliability, value, quality and ease of use is evident in the DigitalEase family of 17" x 17" Upright systems.

Digital imaging has become the standard for Chiropractic practices. Our 17" x 17" digital systems are the most cost effective and reliable solutions. A very modest investment provides cutting edge technology review and evaluation, eliminated the need for film, chemistry and filing envelopes, gives convenient access to historical patirent images, enhances client education and electronic sharing of images for referral groups. The benefits are endless.

Floor Mount Tube Stand

  • Platform tube mount, 90º tube rotation
  • Magnetic locks for longitudinal, vertical & tube rotation
  • 78.7" floor track provides 58.3" longitudinal tube travel for 40" and 72" SID

Wall Stand With Digital Detector

  • Floor to wall mount with magnetic locks
  • 9 Mega pixel digital detector
  • 17" x 17" Field size
  • 3.4 lp/mm
  • Air cooled CCD technology
  • 200 line. 10:1 carbon fiber removable grid

Digital PC

  • Dell Precision workstation, mini tower
  • C5 - All SATA hard drives, RAID1 for 2 mirrored hard drives
  • 500 GB Serial ATA, 10K RPM hard drive with 16MP data burst cache
  • Keyboard and 2 button optical mouse; CD/DVD burner

Generator Integration

  • Virtual control console on acquisition monitor
  • Anatomical regions, view and patient size selected at acquisition monitor
  • Preprogrammed techniques displayed at acquisition monitor


  • 320, 400 or 500 mA High frequency

X-Ray Tube

  • 200,000 heat unit, 0.6 x 1.5mm fine focal spot for enhanced detail