TXR AdvantagePlus ML1 System Radiographic Suite

TXR AdvantagePlus ML1 System
TXR AdvantagePlus ML1 System Brochure

The AdvantagePlus ML1 radiographic suite is configured with a rugged rotational floor mount tube stand, elevating table and wall stand that will withstand any patient load. The elevating table will accommodate a 750 lb. patient offering ease of patient boarding and positioning. The full featured ML1 delivers extensive coverage for wheelchair patients, chest, leg, weight bearing and table exams. Designed for complete flexibility; single or dual digital panel solution or film/CR system upgradeable to digital in the future as budget permits.

Extensive Vertical Travel
Smooth vertical movement allows lowering to 15.75” (40cm) source to floor distance

Generators Accommodate Available Incoming Power And Budget
ML1 system can be paired with the industry’s widest selection of generators ranging from an output of 32 kW to a powerful 80 kW. Our SHF series of generators can be operated on single phase incoming power delivering up to 50 kW output. Our digital systems incorporate generator integration with the acquisition monitor, allowing selection of anatomical view, patient size and fine tuning techniques at the acquisition monitor.

MILL-FMTSAD Floor Mount Rotate Tube Stand with Digital Readouts • Longitudinal Tube Travel 78.74” (200 cm)

  • Transverse Tube Travel 11.81” (30 cm)
  • Focal Spot to Floor Travel Variable from 15.75 to 79.53” (40 to 202 cm)
  • Tube Stand Column Rotation ± 180o
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Digital Readout of SID and Tube Angulation
  • Standard 108.5” (269 cm) Floor Track Provides 78.74” (200 cm) Travel

13-BF7-GC/S109 Wall Stand • Floor Wall Mount

  • Electromagnetic Positive Locks
  • Vertical Travel 9.75” to 72.75” (50 to 185 cm)
  • Grid Cabinet, 103 Line,10:1 Ratio Grid and Cassette Tray or Cabinet for Digital Detector

MIL-EL-B Elevating Table • 750 Lb. Patient Load

  • 86.5” x 31.5” (217 x 80 cm) Float Top Table
  • 43.3” (119 cm) Longitudinal, 9.5” (24 cm) Lateral Table Top Travel
  • 19.69” (50 cm) Minimum Height, 35.43” (90 cm) Maximum Height
  • Super Speed Bucky, 103 Line, 10:1 Ratio Grid and Cassette Tray or Cabinet For Digital Detector