Skanray Skan C Mobile Surgical C Arm

ScanRay C-arm Brochure

SKAN C, with its compact space-saving design, fits easily in a small work space thereby allowing more free space for all your C-arm applications. A low lateral height helps to reduce skin irradiation level and also meets low height patient handling systems. Effortless precise positioning is possible due to the counter-balanced C-arm, in every plane. Smooth and noiseless motorized vertical movements are available at the press of a button. Adjustable angles of monitors, mounted on a slim monitor cart with small foot print, makes viewing easier.

SKAN C gives unmatched radiation safety by using a fully integrated compact HF X-ray generator, capable of high performance and longer exposure sustainability at negligible leakage radiation. A unity power factor controller working in the range of 99 V - 254 V AC ensures stable and good quality imaging under wide range of input variation. The pulsing capability ensures low dose examination.

A user-friendly design of console and layout ensures easy handling and better understanding with greater comfort. Intuitive GUI helps to speed up procedures for handling more operations in a given time. Reports can be customized with annotation, measurements, space saving multiform print and store options.

Other notable features include


  • Pulse Fluoroscopy Mode produces good quality images with minimum effective exposure to radiation.
  • Vascular Mode with DSA, Trace and Road Map tools for efficient vascular applications.
  • 1k x 1k resolution image capture for exceptional image quality.
  • Multi-Mode functionality accommodates vascular, continuous and pulsed fluoroscopy procedures and radiography.
  • Virtual Collimation allows ROI selection without continued fluoroscopy reducing the dose induced to patient.
  • Multi-Window Interface projects multiple images simultaneously for quicker diagnosis and inference.
  • Storage of over 100,000 images eliminating the need for constant hard drive backup.
  • Laser Aimer allows accurate positioning of the patient, localized indication without repeated exposures.