CMP 200 Series Energy Assist X Ray Generator

CMP 200 Energy Assist
CMP 200 Energy Assist Brochure
CMP 200 Energy Assist Console Brochure

This generator is suitable for analog or digital radiography systems and features leading edge computer-based controls to minimize patient dose and maximize image quality while demonstrating excellent reproducibility with user-friendly operator controls.


  • Output power levels 32, 40, and 50 kW
  • Output voltage of 125 kV or 150 kV
  • Energy Assist capacitor storage
  • Constant dose output with kV and mA regulation during exposures
  • User-friendly controls and configuration
  • Large LCD panel for APR and technique display
  • Programmed for APR operation with manual override of technical factors
  • Extensive self-diagnostics with operator messages
  • Time, mA and mAs selections according to IEC standards


  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
  • DR ready
  • Digital Interfaces
  • Dose Area Product (DAP)
  • Exposure Hand Switch
  • Membrane Control Console
  • Mini-Control Console