Advantage Plus Radiographic Suite

advantage plus radiographic suite
Advantage Plus Radiographic Suite Brochure

The Advantage Plus Radiographic Suite was designed to deliver high performance imaging for a demanding environment. The solid design ensures outstanding reliability for the busy hospital and private practice setting

Lateral Exams

The tube stand of the dvantage Plus can be easily moved and rotated so that the positioning for lateral exposures is very fast and accurate. Extensive Coverage

  • Wheelchair Patients
  • Chest exams
  • Legs exams
  • Weight bearing exams
  • Table exams

Elevating Table

  • 750 lb (340 kg) Patient load
  • 86.5in x 31.5in Table top
  • 43.3in longitudinal and 9.5in lateral table top movement
  • 15.74in Vertical travel

Floor Mount Tube Stand

  • 11.8in Transverse travel
  • 180 degree Column rotation
  • Vertical travel 15.7in to 74.75in
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • 108.5in Floor track provides 78.74in longitudinal tube travel

Fixed Height 4 Way Float Top Table

  • 86.16in x 32.4in table top
  • 440 lb. patient load
  • 35in longitudinal and 9in lateral table top movement
  • 20.3in bucky travel
  • Super speed bucky with 10:1 ratio, 103 line grid
  • Electomagmetic locks

Wall Stand

  • Floot to Wall mounted
  • 15.75in to 75" vertical travel
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Super speed buck with 10:1 ratio, 103 line grid