V3SV Fixed SID 4 Way Float DR Flat Panel System

V3SV Fixed SID 4 Way Float DR Flat Panel System
V3SV Fixed SID Digital Vet Brochure

Digital imaging has become the standard for most veterinary practices. A few of the advantages of digital imaging include; enhances soft tissue visualization, provides instant acquisition of the image for review and evaluation, eliminates the need to handle film and filing envelopes, provides instant access to historical patient images, enhances client education and allows electronic sharing of images for referral groups. These advantages equate to a significant savings in costly retakes, monthly expense of film, chemistry, processor maintenance and filing envelopes. Digital imaging also eradicates the possibility of being exposed to toxic chemicals, increases patient thru-put, eliminates the need for valuable space for darkroom and film filing units. The benefits are endless.

4 Way Float Top Table with FIXED SID Tube Stand

  • 60” Long table top, 28” wide
  • Enclosed welded base, can house electronics cabinet
  • Integrated tube stand fixed at 40” SID
  • Platform tube mount, 90? tube rotation
  • Vertical and horizontal tube stand movement
  • Magnetic locks
  • DR cabinet for DR/flat panel
  • Foot treadle for table top movement activates
  • collimator lig

Enhanced Features

  • Touch screen monitor mounted at table
  • Generator integration with touch screen monitor
  • APR, preprogrammed techniques; select the species and then the body part at table mounted monitor
  • APR techniques can be modified manually
  • Preview image at table mounted monitor
  • Collimator light activated by tap of table foot treadle

DR/Flat Panel/Acquisition/Workstation

  • 17 x 17” Full image size
  • 3.5 lp/mm Resolution
  • Amorphous Silicon Sensor (a-SI)
  • High Speed Gadolinium scintillator
  • 140 Micron pixel pitch
  • 9.4 million pixels (3008 x 3072)
  • 14 Bit / 4096 gray scale (14 bits A/D)
  • HP acquisition computer with Intel Core i5 3.4GHz processor
  • 4GB memory, (2) 1TB hard drives (mirrored) set up as RAID1
  • 24” widescreen acquisition monitor
  • VXvue software
  • CD/DVD Burner
  • Stitching Software
  • Unlimited Viewing Software