V1DS VET DigitalEase 14in X 17in Digital System

V1DS VET DigitalEase 14in X 17in Digital System
V1DS VET DigitalEase 14in X 17in Digital System Brochure

Our 14in x 17in digital system is one of the most cost effective and reliable solutions. A very modest investment provides cutting edge technology that enhances soft tissue, delivers instant acquisition of the image for review and evaluation, eliminates the need for film, chemistry and filing envelopes, gives convenient access to historical patient images, enhances client education and electronic sharing of images for referral groups.

VIDS Standard Features Include

  • 4 Way Float Top Table with Fixed Tube Stand
    • 60in long by 27.5in wide table top
    • 32 kW, 400 mA, 500 mAs
    • Magnetic locks secure 4-way float top
    • Tube stand and tube fixed at 40" SID, centered to digital detector
    • Digital detector mounted in table base off floor
    • Membrane control console mounted at table.
    • APR, preprogrammed techniques; select species, then body part & cm measurement at table mounted membrane control console or at touch screen console (V1DS-T model)
    • Preview image at acquisition monitor (V1DS-M model) or touch screen console (V1DS-T model)
  • Digital Detector
    • 6 Mega Pixel
    • 14in x 17in Field Size
    • 2.8 lp/mm
    • Air cooled CCD technology
  • Digital PC
  • Acquisition Monitor
  • Additional Viewing Software
    • Unlimited licenses for viewing stations
  • Options
    • 12in x 16in Digital Detector, 3.5 lp/mm
    • Monitor and PC Cart or Wall Mount
    • 40 kW, 500 mA., 500 mAs generator