BLUE Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

blue portable ultrasound scanner
Blue Veterinary Ultrasound Brochure

Blue from JPI is a modern ultrasound scanner with excellent Doppler ultrasonography and high-quality imaging. Designed to diagnose companion animals and powerful enough for equine applications.

  • LuciD enhances contrast, sharpness, and tissue differentiation, making images readable and easy to interpret.
  • D-Curve distinguishes between slight echogenicity differences--a transfer curve ideally suited to the human eye perception.
  • Vi-Probe is a unique technology that provides phased array image type on the convex probe and convex image on the linear probe. Blue provides enhanced vision, even through a small acoustic window.

Standby and Operating Time

Ready to operate within 25 seconds. Built-in battery provides up to 2.5 hours of convenient operation.

Simple Operation

Active fields allow quick standard parameter setting. Measure the distance immediately after freezing the image—no additional menu needed. Entering a patient’s data before an ultrasound is not necessary.

Remote Access

Remote access can be used for both training and support. Technical support for the Blue is located in the United States.

Easily Swapped Probes

Not only does Blue come with 2 probes. When one needs to be replaced during an ultrasound examination the system will detect the new one automatically. 4 probe options are available.


Whether it's a quick emergency screening of a patient or accurate ultrasound diagnostics in orthopedic surgery, Blue will always be there ready for new challenges.


Using the latest technology has enabled Blue to weight under 9 lbs. Lightweight and very portable.

Large Touchscreen

The 12in LED LCD display ensures a successful diagnosis. Capacitive touch allows veterinarians to work with gloves on.


Blue has an amazing 3-year warranty on ultrasound unit and a 1-year warranty on probes.