AFP Mini Med 90 Processor

mini med 90 processor
Mini Med 90 Brochure

World-renowned for dependability, ImageWorks' automatic film processors deliver the highest quality x-ray images, week after week, year after year. Their dependability and their popularity are a direct result of their simplicity. Simple in design, simple to use, simply reliable.

If you are still not comfortable making the jump to digital, consider replacing your old film processor with the Industry Standard.


  • Are extremely low maintenance
  • Alert the operator when the system is ready to process film
  • Have an infrared dryer to quickly and quietly dry film
  • Have a compact form can be located anywhere; in any size clinic
  • Can be cleaned and prepped in minutes
  • Are available with an optional no plumbing kit, making it ideal for mobile installations
  • Are designed for high volume vet practices
  • Activate automatically once the system is ready, place the film and walk away!
  • Shut down automatically when finished - saving energy and chemicals
  • An automatic chemical replenishment kit is included