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**Note this is not a complete catalog of our product line.

dragon SPSLW4 LWD portable digital imaging
Dragon SPSLW4 LWD Portable Digital Imaging
The digital Dragon is ideally suited for portable, clinic, morgue, prison, sport facility and any application requiring portable imaging.
dragon SPSLW AL portable digital imaging
Dragon SPSLW AL Portable Digital Imaging
completely integrated and combines the high frequency x-ray generator’s functions with the DR system’s software, creating an efficient solution for portable x-ray requirements.
FireCR dental veterinary reader
FireCR Dental CR Solution for Veterinary Professionals
Full-featured imaging rapidly and aff ordably delivers high-quality dental images for busy veterinary practices and veterinary dental clinics.
EVA vet
EVA Vet Veterinary Dental Digital Sensors
Featuring DICOM Options Good Dental Health Means Better Animal Health
image vet interoral dental x ray
Image Vet DC Intraoral Veterinary Dental X Ray System
The Image-Vet DC x-ray generator features superior image quality and is seamlessly compatible with the EVA Vet Digital Dental Imaging System
image vet flexx
Image Vet FleXX
Featuring complete portability, the Image-Vet FleXX sets the standard for veterinary dental radiography.
superVista camera two tone
Veterinary SuperVista Intraoral Camera
The perfect companion for the EVA Vet Digital Dental Sensor!
CMP 200 generator
CMP 200 Series High Frequency X Ray Generator
This generator is suitable for film and CR-based radiographic systems
CMP 200 DR Generator
CMP 200 DR Series High Frequency X Ray Generator
Suitable for Film, CR and DR applications
CMP 200 Energy Assist
CMP 200 Series Energy Assist X Ray Generator
This generator is suitable for analog or digital radiography systems and features leading edge computer-based controls to minimize patient dose
CMP 150 High Frequency X-Ray Generator
CMP 150 High Frequency X Ray Generator
This generator caters to value DR applications such as chest screening, chiropractic care, basic radiographic systems in emerging markets, and veterinary practices across the world.
CPI Mobile DR Series
CPI Mobile DR Generator Series
This generator is suitable for DR applications using mobile cart systems and is packaged in a compact design for customized system integration.