Carestream DryView 5700 Laser Imager

Carestream DryView 5700 Laser Imager
Carestream DryView 5700 Laser Imager Brochure

This innovative tabletop medical imaging system offers a modest acquisition price, which is half of the affordability equation. It also delivers consistently low operating costs. This combination creates a complete picture of true affordability.

Easy operation begins with a simple four-step film loading process. Just open the film door, remove the old cartridge, insert a new one and close the film door. It’s a fast, easy daylight process. Our unique Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC) feature also contributes to the system’s ease of operation by ensuring superb images with no operator intervention.

The new DryView 5700 Laser Imager is an ideal solution for computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging applications. It fits neatly in any workspace. And it offers the performance and reliability you can only get from the DryView™ brand.

True dry laser imaging

We created the new DryView 5700 Laser Imager for healthcare professionals worldwide who thought dry technology was too expensive or too complicated for their operations. In addition to an affordable purchase price and low operating costs, the DryView 5700 Laser Imager offers the simplicity and performance you need to improve productivity and patient care.

More affordable by design

Because DryView laser imagers do not use thermal print heads, there is no need for daily or weekly maintenance. And with our dry technology, there’s no need to deal with “wet” chemistry and the related environmental issues. All of this contributes to the printing system’s low cost of ownership.

Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC)

Our unique AIQC technology uses a built-in densitometer to ensure films are printed according to your imaging standards. AIQC detects image quality and makes any necessary adjustments. This unique feature, combined with the proven advantages of DryView technology, ensure excellent image quality for a wide range of imaging applications.

Compact design, quick installation

An innovative, ergonomic design and a compact 26” x 24” (66 x 61 cm) footprint make the DryView 5700 Laser Imager a convenient addition — even in small workspaces. A simplified installation process ensures the printing system is easily and quickly installed.

Minimal training, easy operation

The DryView 5700 Laser Imager minimizes total cost of ownership through simplified operation. An intuitive user interface also speeds operation and eliminates the need for training.